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2021 Daily Planner
2021 Daily Planner
2021 Daily Planner
2021 Daily Planner
2021 Daily Planner
Dreamy Moons

2021 Daily Planner

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MADE FOR THE PLANNERS AND GO-GETTERS - for those who want to achieve all they set their minds to while making time for self-care.

Say hello to 2021 Daily Planner - a day-a-page planner with a focus on time management, motivation, organisation and getting it all done.

It’s a light planner that loves adventure and will happily travel with you anywhere.

Specs: 178.5 x 125.8mm size (7 x 5 inches), 􏰉􏰊400 grams. 70 gsm thick pages.

*due to page thickness, ballpoint pens are recommended. I wanted to make this planner light and compact, so pages might be a tad too thin for ink pens (they might bleed through)* ~ Annie


✦ Day per page layout
✦ Yearly, monthly and weekly overview
✦ Categorised to-do lists
✦ Top 3 daily priorities
✦ Top 5 monthly priorities
✦ Daily P.S. reminders
✦ Space for note-taking


The 2021 Year of Growth Book & 2021 Daily Planner DIFFERENCES:

Year of Growth is a week per spread layout. It has a lot of extra features such as information about moon rituals and self-love, journaling prompts, creative exercises, moon phases, quotes and affirmations. Think of this book as a time capsule of who you are at this moment a time. A keepsake to look back on years in the future.

Daily Planner is exactly what it is - a daily planner. It is designed for planning and to-do lists and does not have any extra features other than what is shown in the product photos. It is day a page, and has weekly monthly and yearly overview. It is best to use for organising your days.

YES, both books can be used TOGETHER. In fact, the reason I designed this little daily planner is to accompany the star of the show Year of Growth Book. My customers told me they like to use a simpler planner for to-do lists alongside Year of Growth, because they wanted Year of Growth to be their special sanctuary. So I thought - why not design that simple planner myself. 

Annie x
On the fence about this 2021 Daily Planner? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

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